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Environmental Stories & Articles

APN Print embarked on a journey to ensure that we as a print company were not only conscious of what we were putting back into the environment but that we were also aware of what was coming into our plants.

All APN Print sites had processes in place to deal with waste, solvents etc but there were no formal process or documentation. Enviro-mark provided this and as such all APN Print sites are Gold accredited and looking to go to Platinum and Diamond.

APN Prints environment story is one that we as a group of companies can be proud off not only for our businesses but also our staff as we ensure that what we put back into our environment or our use of natural resources is controlled, monitored and minimized.

Australian Environmental Paper

environmental_treesPaper supplies to APN Print are increasingly environmentally-conscious. Supplier environmental surveys reveal product and manufacturing details to prove the environmental qualifications of paper products.

Norske Skog supply from their Tasmanian mill, paper that is 20% recycled and 80% from sustainable forestry.

Oceanic Multitrading supply newsprint from (PT Aspex) from Indonesia which is manufactured from 100% recycled fibre.

Heatset paper produced by NPI (Nippon Paper Industries) in Japan is 55% recycled.

Waste paper from all of our print sites are recycled either back through Oceanic Multitrading or through local suppliers to be re-used or re-cycled.

Our printing plates are on-sold to a scrap metal company.

APN Print are constantly looking at ways to use recycled products and ensure that all of our waste products are recycled.

Strong Environmental Investment from APN Print

So, if possible, we’d like to be ahead of any Government or regional bylaws that will be introduced in the future.”

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